Advice for – Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hi guys,br /br / Market to see new lows. Today market is assumed to see more downtime. Good time for traders. Good time for shortselling and intraday deals. Taking risk may give you good shortterm profits…… /br / Go on guys and book your profits !

Advice for – Friday, September 26, 2008

Hi Guys,br /br / Today market is assumed to trade lower. Market may start at somewhere in negative side. But it may recover in the end. Still you guys can buy ONGC , NTPC, RIL and some other top equities… /br / All the best guys…….

Advice for – Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodmorning guys,br /br /Today our assumption says that market will start at positive side (up), then move down and remain flat or down in the end. So guys still good time is going on. Buy some metal, consumer goods, oil and bank index. Good time for all these /br /All the best Guys…

Advice for – Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi Guys,br /br /br /Here again a new week begin. Today according to our assumption, market will show both up and downs but more towards upside. So you guys act accordingly. There are few good scripts to buy at this time:br /br /br /strongRIL (Reliance Industries Limited)/strong: this share is assumed to give a very good profit in couple of days……….Presently its price is about 2057 and is assumed to rise to about /br /So guys all the best…………….

Advice for – Friday, September 19, 2008

Hi guys,br /br /Good time now…… Market is assumed to bounce back today and show a very good uptime today. Today is time to sell all those shares which you bought in past few days……br /br /So guys cash your share today……

Advice for – Thursday, September 18, 2008

hi guys,br /br /Today i feel that market is going to fall down. this is not the time to sell shares. i think you can buy further shares for a long term investment. Surely market is going to bounce back. you can sell your shares at that /br /play safe guys………..

Advice for – Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Morning Guys,br /br / This good morning might come out to be bad morning for the market, Today also market is assumed to stronggo down/strong. You can buy the shares which i have mentioned yesterday. the market will be normal with in 2-3 days at that time you guys can sell all these /take care guys, and have a safe trade.

Advice for – Monday, September 15, 2008

div align=”justify”/divdiv align=”justify”Hi guys, /divdiv align=”justify”br /Today indian markets (sensex and nifty) is assumed to have good downtime. So you guys can book profits by buying some shares now and selling it in couple of days. these markets are not meant for investments. you can buy now and sell within couple of days to book profit. Few scripts can give you profits like /divdiv align=”justify”br /1. strongemJaiprakash Associates/em/strong as it is about 157 Rs. at present and with in 1 week you can book good profits out there. You can buy it between 130-140 Rs. range/divdiv align=”justify”br /2. strongemSuzlon Enerey/em/strong is also good share to buy at this time, as this share is on 217 and can also provide you profits within 1 week time. Buy it if it is less than 200 Rs./divdiv align=”justify”br /3. strongemGmrinfra/em/strong is on 95 RS. at present can go upto 103 within weeks time. buy it, if it is less than 80 /br /*these all advices are based on my experience and my assumption./div