Why equitypandit.com recommends its paid services

Here are few FAQs that have been discussed with Abhishek Parakh (founder, EquityPandit.com).


Q. Kindly tell us about EquityPandit.com paid services.


Abhishek: EquityPandit.com was started as many of the investors and traders were loosing their hard earned money in downtrend of Indian Stock Markets. EquityPandit.com is providing research analysis to many investors and traders for long time. And of coarse our investors and traders are earning a handsome amount of money in any kind of recession or I may say bear market. So to help them more, EquityPandit.com is providing paid services to sincere traders and investors by SMS live during the market hours. This service include any kind of opportunity that exist in the Indian stock market regarding Intraday, Short Sell, Long Term deliveries, Short term Deliveries and Futures in a single pack.



Q. How this paid subscription is helpful to traders and investors?


Abhishek: Stock Market is place where you can earn huge amount of profits as well as loose huge amount of your hard earned money, it basically depends on the analysis you do. EquityPandit.com is one of the biggest group of financial analysts, who are been certified by Stock Exchanges like NSE. These analysts work on mathematical analysis, technical analysis and other research areas for stock market and come out with the most accurate decisions and best opportunities in Indian stock markets.


We don’t care of recession, bull, bear or any crises because in any kind of situation we are able to maintain our profit levels of 45%-60% per month on the amount of investments you do.



Q. Why these services are not free?


Abhishek: It’s not viable to send SMS to its large amount of visitors and readers. As there are all kind of readers, some are just reading for knowledge, some of them are serious about equity trading to earn money. Just to differentiate between the two, we have put small fees to send our analysis and research to few traders and investors. The fee you provide is just used to maintain your beloved site EquityPandit.com.



Q. How many paid subscribers you are subscribing each month?


Abhishek: The number we have kept is not too large and not too small. Each month we allow only 125 people to subscribe our paid subscription.



Q. What do you suggest small investors and traders.


Abhishek: We suggest small investors and traders to do their own research before investing their hard earned money. Self analysis is very important. Or subscribe to EquityPandit.com Paid services for the best market opportunities. We suggest them not to think about the small fees we are charging. You would be able to earn many times of the fees you provide within a month’s time. But go for intelligent trading and investments.


Final decision is yours….

6 thoughts on “Why equitypandit.com recommends its paid services

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  2. bkyadav

    sir in ur services offered section subscription for single pack is not given. so let me know if it is available.

    1. Abhishek Parakh

      Normally we give 3 calls a day. So on monthly basis we provide somewhere around 50-60 calls. We provide 2 targets and 1 stoploss along with it. First target is always achieved and second target accuracy is 80%. So in any case you would get atleast 1 st target profits. We assure daily profits.

      Team EquityPandit

  3. suresh

    i would like to subscribe EP Basic package.Is it possible to transfer the subscription fee by online trasfer from my HDFC bank account?Please reply immediatly.

  4. sucha singh

    why dont u have any land line tele.i m still looking for the one who can provide me good tips on trading and investment. regards


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