Advice for – Monday, October 22, 2012

EP-F&O Special package made profits of about Rs.4.86 lakhs for all its subscribers in last month (September 2012) on 1 lot traded per call. Performance Sheet can be downloaded Here

EP-Basic Package is one of the most famous package among Indian traders which provides daily profits between 1500-5000 to all our subscribers on consistent basis on investment amount of Rs.50,000, irrespective of market direction, with high level of accuracy.


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Last Trading Session: Exactly as predicted by EquityPandit that market would open negative with 10-30 points for Nifty and 30-80 points for Sensex and would see movements in rangebound region between 5725 and 5650 for Nifty, which would act as support and resistance levels and exactly same happened. Market opened negative with EquityPandit’s predicted levels of 18 points for Nifty and 30 points for Sensex. Market remained rangebound as per EquityPandit’s prediction for throughout the day between levels of 5725-5650 for Nifty. Finally Nifty closed in negative region.


Today: Indian Stock Market likely to open negative. Indian Stock Market has entered into F&O Expiry week and huge volatility is expected. Profit booking would be seen now but 5650-5635 would act as strong support for Nifty whereas resistance for positive movements may be seen at 5725-5755-5775 for Nifty. Since, EquityPandit’s support and resistance levels always meet accuracy; hence traders are suggested to follow them for good profits.


BSE Sensex: (18682) The support for the Sensex is at 18550-18470 and the resistance to the up move is at 18880-18970-19050.


NSE Nifty: (5684) The support for the Nifty is at 5650-5635-5600 and the resistance to the up move is at 5725-5755-5775.

Note: All our Premium paid subscribers earn very good daily profits irrespective of any market direction. If you wish to subscribe for premium packages or have any queries, kindly contact us or mail us at

Premium Subscription Pricing details (Normal Prices) can be seen at Pricing

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