Generate huge profits with EP-Investor Package with zero risk.

All EP-Investor Package pending recommendations achieved targets today:

Dena Bank given at 104 made high of 115.

India Cement given at 82.95 made high of 90

Mangalam Cement given at 177 made high of 185.

ACC given at 1381 made high of 1440.

AGC Networks given at 398 made high of 444.

Exide Industries given at 138 made high of 148.

All these stocks would move sharply up in days to come, so we suggest holding for further profits.

Since Inception, EP-Investor is giving huge profits to its subscribers, which no other Indian company has consistently given. Every stock recommended by EquityPandit’s EP-Investor is giving atleast 15-30% profits per share in small time duration ranging from 15days to 2 months and most of the recommendations give more than 100% profits.

Each and every stock recommended by EP-Investor Package is given with the reason of recommendation, targets and time duration for investments.

Those who have still not subscribed to EP-Investor Package can subscribe immediately as EP-investor is the only package, which can multiply your wealth with zero risk.

For any queries, kindly mail us at or contact EP-Executive at +91-9909905790.

Enjoy huge profits with EquityPandit.

Team EquityPandit

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