Advice for – Wednesday, March 06, 2013

EP-F&O Special Package gave profits of Rs.2,87,000/- in last 1 month on 1 lot traded per call.


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Last Trading Session: Exactly as predicted by EquityPandit that market would open positive with 10-30 points for Nifty and once it breaches levels of 5722 then 5780 levels would be a possible target which would act as resistance and exactly same happened. Market open positive exactly with EquityPandit’s predicted levels of 30 points for Nifty and had breached levels of 5722 while opening, which took market sharply higher to EquityPandit’s predicted target levels. Market saw high exactly near EquityPandit’s predicted resistance levels of 5780 for Nifty and closed just above those levels, which is again a bullish indicator.


Today: Indian Stock Market would open gap positive with 20-60 points for Nifty. Now Nifty had moved above its resistance levels and hence Nifty is expected to see sharp positive movements. Nifty would see immediate resistance at 5835 levels whereas strong resistance would be seen at 5855-5880 levels for Nifty. Strong support would be seen at 5750-5735 levels for Nifty. Traders are suggested to go long at this point of time with given levels. Since, EquityPandit’s support and resistance levels always meet accuracy; hence traders are suggested to follow them for good profits.



BSE Sensex: (19143) The support for the Sensex is at 19070-19000-18970 and the resistance to the up move is at 19340-19480-19570 levels.


NSE Nifty: (5784) The support for the Nifty is at 5750-5735 and the resistance to the up move is at 5835-5855-5880 levels.


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