. I bought 200 BNF_18JUN 20000 PUT @Rs.322 at market closing, Should I HOLD at what target Plz??

Ghanshyam chotaliya
2020-06-13 13:13:59

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    Senior Analyst
    2020-06-13 20:51:02

    BANK NIFTY future has resistance(hurdle) around 20800- 20900 levels and currently trading at 20572, We may see sharp rally once sustains above 20900 so we suggest you to keep stoploss in your BN_18_JUNE PUT OPTION As per the Banknifty future levels place at 20900, Once BN Future Cross above 20900 and sustains above it for an Hour then immediately square off your PUT OPTION position. Targets are open till expiry and with Weekly options THETA (TIME VALUE) is a big concern so without proper knowledge do not try to time Market, For proper Advise you may call our experts directly @ 80008-16688 also you may read market prediction daily on our website www.Equitypandit.com