I buy Itc oct future@244.5 with put 245 strike@6 , should I short call of 250 or 255 , and at what price, will it touch 260 before diwali.however I have earned nearly 50000 from this share after 5 Sept from . So I can bear risk.

2019-10-14 15:55:04

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    Senior Analyst
    2019-10-15 11:40:00

    ITC Seems to bottoming out at 242 levels and till stock future trades above 242 we are bullish on the stock, Also we do not Suggest you to Short 250 Call option or 255 Call option, continue holding Buy position in ITC With Stoploss Placed below 240 levels, Also Hold your hedge position of 245 Put till ITC Cross 252 Levels.