I want to purchase some good shares like Indusind Bank, L&T, Reliance. Is it good shares and can I wait some time more whether the market will come down again

2020-05-22 1:43:14 pm

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    Senior Analyst
    2020-05-22 15:05:43

    Sir We suggest for purpose of investing do not try to time the market, The best way to invest in the market from here is through route of Stock SIP, Means if you have to invest 1 LAC Capital divide it into 5 parts and then at each 10% correction in the specific stock you can invest in that particular Stock. Or the second way is to choose a specified date of month and invest part of your capital each share. Or the third way is to Buy when Market correct 5% or more, when ever market correction 5% invest the part of your capital. Hope its clear to you... for more information you can directly contact our experts @ 80008-16688 or Email Us at support@equitypandit.com