There was a strong support at 9024 - 8980 predicted today. Nifty broke the first support pretty well but it could not break the second support of 8980. I'm a beginner and trying to understand the market trends. My questions are: 1: What is the movement that will hint us that the market will go up or down from 9024 or 8980 (respectively)? 2. Should we expect a sudden movement or a gradual one? 3: How long do we expect the Nifty to simply move more-or-less horizontally?

2020-05-22 15:27:18

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    Senior Analyst
    2020-05-22 15:36:19

    Sir, there are several techniques of Doing Analysis, everyone has its own way of analysis. The levels which seems to be Support for you can be Selling levels for other. So this will come with practice and experience. No one in the world can tell you how market will react we can only predict the markets and that can go wrong. You need to Learn to Manage risk in the market. For More information you can Call our Experts directly @ 80008-16688