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10 Indian Tech Startups Chosen as World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers in 2024

The Technology Pioneer community includes early-stage start-ups worldwide, creating and using new technologies and innovations.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has selected 10 Indian technology startups for its 2024 Technology Pioneers program. These startups are recognised for their innovative work in artificial intelligence, clean energy, healthcare, biotech, space, and neurotechnology.

The Indian companies chosen are Amperehour Solar, Cropin, Entri, HealthPlix, International Battery Company, Niramai, NxtWave, Pixxel, Sarvam AI, and String Bio. They were selected from startups in 23 countries.

This year’s Technology Pioneers cohort has the highest number of startups from the United States and China, followed by India. 

The Technology Pioneer community includes early-stage start-ups worldwide, creating and using new technologies and innovations. 

Every year, the World Economic Forum selects 100 companies to work with influential political, business, and cultural leaders to tackle issues affecting people and the planet.

The selected startups will contribute their expertise to WEF’s global initiatives over the next two years. They will also participate in WEF meetings, including the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian, China, from June 25-27, 2024.

Verena Kuhn, Head of Innovator Communities at WEF, mentioned, “These innovators are using cutting-edge technologies to address the world’s most pressing challenges. We look forward to their work enriching our initiatives and forming new public-private partnerships.”

The Technology Pioneers were recognised for applying advanced technologies to find clean energy, healthcare, biotech, space exploration, and neurotechnology solutions.

The ten startups from India include – Niramai is developing a new AI-based test for finding early-stage breast cancer. The test will be affordable, portable, and non-invasive.

Pixxel is developing a technology to capture geospatial data using hyperspectral satellite imagery. Sarvam AI is creating foundation AI models and platforms for use in Indian languages and use cases.

Other Indian startups on the list include Amperehour, which is building renewable energy-generating plants, and Cropin, which is developing a solution to help farmers monitor and manage their farms more effectively.

Entri provides access to learning and upskilling programs in local Indian languages, and HealthPlix is developing AI-powered electronic medical records software for the healthcare sector.

Additional Indian names on the list are International Battery Company, which manufactures large-sized rechargeable prismatic li-ion nickel manganese cobalt batteries; NxtWave, which provides AI-driven, vernacular-based coding courses; and String Bio, which produces next-generation ingredients for agriculture, animal feed, and human nutrition from GHG gases.

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