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Adani Wilmar Cuts Cooking Oil Price by Rs 30 Per Litre

Adani Wilmar, the edible oil company that sells its products under the Fortune brand, on Monday, announced a cut in the price of edible oil by Rs 30 per litre amid falling global prices.

Soybean oil fell the most. Shares at the new price will be available soon.

On February 7, Mother Dairy, which sells edible oils under the Dhara brand, reduced the prices of soybean and rice bran oils by Rs 14 per litre.

The Ministry of Food held a meeting on July 6 to discuss edible oil prices and instructed edible oil companies to pass on the benefits of lower global edible oil prices to consumers.

“With global price cuts and government efforts to pass on the benefits of lower edible oil prices to consumers, Adani Wilmar International has further reduced edible oil prices on top of the price cuts implemented last month,” the company statement said. Soybean oil prices have been raised to Rs 165 per litre from Rs 195 per litre.

The sunflower oil price has been revised to Rs 199 per litre from Rs 210 per litre. Mustard oil MRP (maximum retail price) has been reduced from Rs 195 per litre to Rs 190 per litre.

Fortune rice bran oil has been reduced from Rs 225 per litre to Rs 210 per litre, while the MRP for peanut oil has been reduced from Rs 220 per litre to Rs 210 per litre. The price of Raag vanaspati dropped from Rs 200 per litre to Rs 185 per litre, and Raag palm oil dropped from Rs 170 per litre to Rs 144 per litre.

The company said the sharp drop in oil prices followed a sharp decline in global prices. Adani Wilmar is one of the fastest-growing FMCG companies in the country. In addition to a range of edible oils, its products include rice, atta, sugar, besan, ready-to-eat khichdi, soya chunks and more.

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