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Airtel has become the 3rd largest mobile operator in world

With 303 million subscribers, the Bharti Airtel has become the world’s 3rd largest mobile operator.

In a statement, the company said, with operations in 20 countries, Bharti Airtel, which is present in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Africa, has “become the third largest mobile operator in the world in terms of subscribers”.

“Airtel began operations in November 1995 in New Delhi (India) and in less than two decades it has emerged as one of the top brands in the emerging markets with an unmatched scale and diversity of operations,” the statement said.

Mittal, the Chairman of Bharti Airtel said that the company has pioneered the low-cost business model based on outsourcing which has allowed it to expand its services rapidly and give customers affordable access to mobile telephony.

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