Amazon Launches Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

Amazon has modernised its Kindle Paperwhite line-up with a new updated base model with a 6.8-inch screen, 8GB of storage and USB Type-C charging. The front design has also been enhanced with smaller borders around the net.
There is also a second version called the Signature Edition that maintains most of the specifications but gives higher storage at 32GB and an auto-adjusting front light that tunes the brightness according to the environment.

It also has support for wireless charging. Amazon says both readers can last over ten weeks on a single charge if you read up to an hour per day. The USB Type-C charging can fully charge the device in 2.5 hours with a 10W charger. The new interface lets you shift between the Home Screen, Library and the book you were last reading and comes with a new library that includes filters, sort menus, collection views and a scroll bar for quick navigation.

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