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Apple and Google partners Up for Bluetooth Devices

This notification appears regardless of the brand of device the tracker is attached to.

Apple and Google, with a strong focus on user safety and privacy, have announced their partnership to protect their users against unwanted tracking with Bluetooth devices. 

Starting this week, Android and iPhone smartphone users will receive notifications if an unknown Bluetooth tracker appears to be following them. This proactive step is a direct response to concerns about the inappropriate use of trackers, such as Apple’s AirTags, for stalking purposes.

“Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers.” Software upgrades will be used to apply this standard: an update for Android phones running version 6.0 or later and iOS 17.5 for iPhones.

If a new Bluetooth tracking gadget is discovered to have been travelling with you for a considerable length of time, a “[Item] Found Moving with You” alert will appear on your phone. This notification appears regardless of the brand of device the tracker is attached to.

Several reports of stalking people using AppleAirTags prompted the decision to take this action. In response, Apple and Google announced last year that they would collaborate to offer a mechanism to disable unapproved Bluetooth tracking.

Unfortunately, some people adopted AirTags for malicious purposes, even though their initial purpose was to assist in the recovery of misplaced items like keys. In 2021, Apple created the “Tracker Detect” app for Android users in an effort to ease their concerns. This app helped users locate nearby unexpected AirTags. A new industry standard that takes a more comprehensive approach and integrates the solution directly into the operating systems was announced this week.

Many manufacturers of Bluetooth trackers, like Pebblebee, Jio, eufy, Chipolo, and Motorola, have already promised to include this new standard in their next models.

With the Internet Engineering Task Force, Apple and Google intend to carry on developing the official standard for this technology. Their dedication to user privacy and safety in the digital age is demonstrated by their collaboration.

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