Battle Infinity Will Be Listed on Crypto Platform PancakeSwap

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Metaverse-centric fantasy sports gaming platform Battle Infinity has announced the listing of PancakeSwap, a new and larger crypto platform. At the launch, actress Urvashi Rautela and cricketer Irfan Pathan were the main guests.

Suresh Joshi, the founder of Battle Infinity, said that Battle Infinity would be one of the most spectacular Metaverse tokens, where everything on the gaming platform will be integrated with Metaverse and blockchain technology.

“With this, we hope to revolutionise the traditional gaming industry. Players who play this game can use Battle Infinity Tokens to play games and buy and sell tokens, advertise, monetise and trade tokens. Battle Infinity Boss is a tool that supports this. Not only is the project the newest Metaverse on the market, but it also has the potential to adopt a blockchain with a multiverse ideology – because we need a game changer. Investors are optimistic that Battle Infinity (IBAT) will also perform well. Its initial dex offering (IDO) on PancakeSwap,” he said.

Gamers and sports fans will also be curious to see how the project evolves, as it aims to host an NFT-based decentralised fantasy sports league in the Metaverse where players can draft and compete with their teams (including cricket teams, etc.) and earn free cryptocurrency by winning matches and boosting their IBAT Premier League rankings.

On this occasion, Urvashi Rautela said the platform would provide users with an exciting experience. On this occasion, Irfan Pathan stated that the platform was designed with future needs in mind.

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