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Business Today: EquityPandit Celebrates 10 Years of Research Excellence

MUMBAI, July 10, 2015

EquityPandit, India’s leading equity research company has successfully completed a decade in Equity Research services since its inception in 2005. Ten years on, EquityPandit has become synonymous with Equity Research Excellence by providing crisp and accurate research to subscribers in 32 countries across the globe. In last 10 years, EquityPandit has developed few of the high performance mathematical models that brought reform in the sector by generating 91% accuracy, consistently.

What began over a decade ago as a group of like-minded technical analysts, mathematicians and engineers forming EquityPandit with just couple of subscribers, has now transformed into India’s leading equity research company with the largest community of around 33000 traders, subscribers and investors.

EquityPandit’s founder and CEO, Abhishek Parakh, said, “EquityPandit’s 10th Anniversary has been a tremendous milestone for the company. EquityPandit has always been leading with experience and trust. Over the past ten years, we have introduced an incredible innovation into the industry by transforming unorganized trading and investing into an organized approach of trading and investing with the help of experience and mathematical algorithms. Today traders and investors take smart trading decisions instead of following rumors and hence generate good profits. It is my honor to lead the incredible team that delights our customers with the best support and research of its kind. I am thankful to our loyal subscribers who supported and trusted us for so many years in both good and rough times.”

“We are in the process to create new benchmarks with the highly accurate research that would surely delight the traders and investors in terms of profits generated. Our research team is developing few more sophisticated mathematical models that would bring our accuracy to even higher rate in upcoming months,” said Darpan Shah, COO and Head-Research at EquityPandit.

EquityPandit’s board member announced the launch of ‘Biggest Offer of the Decade’ on July 11, 2015. This offer would be first-of-its-kind and would let traders and investors to subscribe EquityPandit’s highly accurate services at whooping discounts with many more benefits.

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