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Crave InfoTech Launches ‘White Paper’ On Top Supply Chain Challenges

Crave InfoTech launched its white paper on ‘Top 10 Supply Challenges and the Right Intelligent-Enterprise Solution’. The white paper has been crafted post-deep industry research and interactions with industry veterans. It reflects the ground-level challenges from across the supply chain. It further suggests tech-backed solutions to each of these challenges. SAP and Zebra Technologies partners are the keys to Crave InfoTech.
The world has seen supply chain hassles leading (as one of the reasons) to global inflation. There have been spare parts acquisition delays and supply chain disruptions. The white paper goes beyond these social geo-economics concerns to underline the inherent supply chain challenges that all enterprises face.

The suggested takeaways are leveraging an intelligent enterprise to control, track, and optimise supply chain movement and communication. More than ever, enterprises need an intelligent platform and solution to ensure business continuity, on-time deliveries (as per promised ETAs), better resource and capacity optimisation, and increased cost-efficiencies.
Shrikant Nistane, CEO, Crave InfoTech, “We wanted to focus on the core supply chain challenges facing enterprises and the world. There are ways we can become disruption-proof by enabling a mature supply chain with the ability to control, forecast, and deliver on the said forecast.”

He continued, “Transportation amounts to anything between 10% to 30% of the final cost. It’s very important in this new age, where multiple collaborative databases from vendors and suppliers are intertwined, to have an intelligent supply chain management solution that gives full visibility and enterprise mobility, and leverages ground-level insights to turn them into action items.”

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