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Easy Trip Has 2:1 Bonus Shares to Turn to Rs 70,000

Easy Trip Planners share price on 21 January 2023 is around Rs 55 per share.

The public offering of Easy Trip Planners Ltd (EaseMyTrip) was held in March 2021 at an issue price of Rs 186 to Rs 187 per share. The public offering, which will number 80 shares in the company, is listed on Dalal Street at a premium of almost 13%.

Easy Trip Planners issued bonus shares twice after its successful listing. It traded ex-bonus shares for the first time in February 2022, issuing bonus shares at a ratio of 1:1. The company sends one bonus share to eligible shareholders to hold one share of the company.

In November 2022, EaseMyTrip’s stock also underwent a stock split. While trading ex-bonus shares in November 2022, the stock also traded ex-rights on the same day. The company’s board of directors has announced a stock split in the ratio of 1:2.

As the Easy Trip Planners IPO was launched in March 2021 at a capped price of Rs 187 per share and an IPO lot comprising 80 shares of the company, the minimum investment for the allotment in the stock was Rs 14,960.

Easy Trip Planners share price today is around Rs 55 per share. If an allottee had remained invested in this scrip despite positive listing on Indian bourses, its 80 shares would have surged to 1,280 EaseMyTrip shares, and the absolute value of one’s Rs 14,960 would have grown to Rs 70,400 in these near two years. So, an allottee of nearly Rs 15,000 would have grown to around Rs 70,000 in these two years.

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