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Yahoo Finance: EquityPandit Develops Mathematical Model for Equity Trading with 91% Accuracy

MUMBAI, India, June 18, 2014

EquityPandit, India’s Leading Equity Research Company, which was recently acquired by Capiflex Group, has developed a mathematical model to trade in stock market with 91% accuracy. This mathematical model is combination of over 30 indicators and 14 parameters, which works in tandem.

EquityPandit R&D Team was working on Equity Trading Mathematical Model for over last 3 years and now it is completed. Currently, it has been back tested for last 13 years since 2001 which contains all market conditions including bull market, recession, elections, etc. It has provided 91% accurate results consistently throughout the time frame. This mathematical model is a self learning model, which would improve as it gets more data going ahead and we would strive to bring its accuracy to 97-98%.” said Abhishek Parakh, Group CEO and Managing Director of Capiflex.

“EquityPandit’s R&D Team consists of a group of Technical Analysts, Mathematicians and Engineers with around a decade of experience. EquityPandit’s Technical Analysts had developed this mathematical model, which would provide unbiased research and avoid Analyst’s emotions in the results. The accuracy of this model would improve year after year as it is a self-learning model and learns from its previous mistakes by correcting itself, which human normally don’t. This model works well with any market including commodity and currency market with same accuracy.” Said Darpan Shah, COO & Head-Research of EquityPandit.

Abhishek Parakh told that development of such a model with around 90% accuracy would bring reform in this sector and it would be very helpful for traders and investors, who would get crisp and accurate research for their trading or investment activity. Traders and Investors would get more organized way of trading or investments recommendations.

When asked to Abhishek Parakh, whether the company would like to bring this model into a license based software package for consumers, he told that they don’t have any such plans for near future and the company would just provide the model’s final results to their clients, so that clients and subscribers can gain good profits in Stock Market.

About EquityPandit™

EquityPandit Financial Services (P) Limited is India’s Leading Equity Research Company which was established in year 2005. EquityPandit has around 3200 active clients and 24000 subscribers around the globe, who enjoy huge profits in association with EquityPandit.

EquityPandit is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and have been in this industry for a long time. In fact, EquityPandit was among the First few Indian entities in the Advisory domain to venture onto the Internet. And now, EquityPandit have completed over 9 years in the online space.

Today, EquityPandit have clients in 32 countries worldwide that trust EquityPandit.

EquityPandit was the First Company to bring research and advisory based on Technical analysis on internet in India, until then, only investment research was available on internet in India.

EquityPandit was recently acquired by Capiflex Group and now it is a subsidiary company of Capiflex Group.

About Capiflex® Group

Capiflex is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization that specializes in extending customized financial solutions to individuals and corporates. Capiflex provides every investment and insurance services at customer’s doorstep, which would help him to multiply his wealth in the most secured way. Capiflex facilitates customers with a single window for any investment, insurance or wealth generation services.

Capiflex has a proven track record of multiplying the wealth of its clientele, providing highest quality services and exceptional customer support. Capiflex had worked with the philosophy of building trust among its clientele and hence its customers have long-lasting relationship with Capiflex.

EquityPandit’s Mathematical Model has been covered by around 327 newswires across the globe. Few of them are as given below:




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