EquityPandit Trending on the Top for Every Search Related To Indian Stock Market

EquityPandit is trending on the top for every other search-related to Indian Stock Market. It has been ranked on the top by Google because of its popularity amongst traders and investors, and, customer’s positive feedback.
EquityPandit is a leading research and advisory firm in India. It is one of the biggest players with a dominant position in both Institutional and Retail. Abhishek Parakh, CEO and Managing Director, EquityPandit said, “Our EYES helped us to reach here…E Stands for Excellent Team, Y Stands for Years of Hard Work, E Stands for Extreme Love From the Customers and, S Stands for Superior Services and Support”.
“Thank you all for helping us to reach here and we promise to always keep our EYES open,” he added.


Eyes 4


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EquityPandit has received many National and International Awards. You can read about them here.

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