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Facebook, Instagram Get New Privacy Updates to Protect Teens from Online Harm

Meta announced that new users under the age of 16 to 18 will get more privacy setting options by default.

Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, recently issued a statement addressing the needs of Gen Z on privacy and security concerns in social media apps Instagram and Facebook. New privacy-related policies are being rolled out to enhance user experience and maintain virtual safety.

In one big update, new Facebook users under the age of 16 to 18 will get more privacy setting options by default, from posting pictures and tagging people to friend lists and private chats.

First, Meta introduces notifications that will appear on the phone screens of teenage Instagram and Facebook users, informing them of reporting an account, encouraging them to always maintain their privacy settings, and sending out safety notifications to identify inappropriate or questionable information.

Suspicious methods of contacting and chatting with suspicious adult accounts were also tested. While teenage users won’t be shown connections that deliberately keep them away from such accounts, such accounts will be blocked from younger users’ Facebook pages.

Picture locking was an option introduced last year. Still, now, especially for the teen category, there are restrictions on even viewing profiles and cover pictures if the user doesn’t allow it. Adding unauthorized accounts to recommendations of people you may know is prohibited.

Meta is also working with Thorn and NoFiltr to address mental health issues and users’ positive self-image, reducing the stigma around taboo topics using educational materials and similar content. Additionally, introducing tools such as dedicated chat boxes and forums will facilitate non-confrontational reporting of complaints.

Virtual worlds are gradually correcting real-world concerns and doing things for users, who can now use updates like this to keep their social networks safe.

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