Gland Pharma Management on Covid Vaccine Opportunity

Gland Pharma has completed technical batches for the first dose of the Sputnik covid vaccine and is improving the yield of the second dose. The management is also focused on the manufacture of Sputnik light. Its MD and CEO, Srinivas Sadu, said as part of the CEO Track at Annual Global Investor Conference (AGIC) CY21 hosted by Motilal Oswal. 

Gland Pharma is already manufacturing exhibit batches of the single-dose Sputnik Light. While the commercialisation of other vaccines has reduced the opportunity in India, the same remains intact in other emerging countries. Booster dose requirements will likely make the vaccine an ongoing opportunity rather than just a one-time affair. The contract is to supply to RDIF, and a diminishing India opportunity has a negligible impact on Gland.

“Covid-19 has accelerated Gland’s geographic expansion aspirations, bolstered by its product portfolio, large manufacturing capacity, and consistent compliance. It is currently leveraging its product registrations in these markets, which it had made earlier. China remains a big long-term opportunity, and GLAND will leverage its parent Fosun’s distribution for some of these products,” the note added.

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