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Google Launches Multisearch Tool to Help Users Search With Photos

Google has introduced a multi-search feature on its platform. The multi-search allows people to search with both images and text simultaneously to find the most relevant results. It is currently available as a beta feature in English in the US.

“With multi-search, you can ask a question about anything by just filtering your search by colour, brand or a visual attribute,” Google said. A user needs to open the Google app on Android or iOS, tap the Lens camera icon and either search one of your screenshots or click a photo of what you want to search. Then, swipe up and tap the “+ Add to your search” button to add text.

“All this is made possible by our latest improvements in Artificial Intelligence, making it easier to understand the world around you in more natural and intuitive ways. We are also exploring ways in which this feature might be enhanced by MUM, which is our latest AI model in Search, to improve results for all the questions you could imagine asking,” the company added.

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