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Google Ordered by a US Court to Pay Audio Company Sonos $32.5 Million over Patent Infringement

Google has been ordered by a US court to pay Sonos $32.5 million in damages.

The most used search engine Google has been ordered by a US court to pay high-tech audio technology company Sonos $32.5 million in damages for infringing the company’s smart speaker patent. 

According to the court filing, a San Francisco jury found that Google’s smart speakers and media players infringed on one of two Sonos patents.

The Google v. Sonos verdict assigned a $2.30 in royalty for each of the 14,133,558 infringing devices sold device adding up to $32,507,183.40. This most recent trial started earlier this month.

In January 2020, Sonos first sued tech giant Google for allegedly copying its patented multiroom audio technology after the companies partnered in 2013, urging the International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban Google products like laptops, phones and speakers. Sonos claimed that Google infringed on a total of 100 patents. 

The case was won by Sonos at the US ITC, resulting in a limited import ban and the removal of selected features from some of the Google devices in question. Google has long claimed that its technology was created independently and not based on Sonos.

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