Grofers Co-Founder Saurabh Kumar Exits the Company

Saurabh Kumar, who is co-founder of Grofers is leaving the online grocery platform, Dhindsa tweeted on Friday. Kumar will no longer be involved in the day-to-day responsibilities of the Grofers.

“He will continue to be a board member and a shareholder at the company. This is the end of an era for Grofers, and I know all of us will miss having him around every day,” Dhindsa wrote in a blog post. “I wish him the absolute best with his new mission and will be cheering for him with love and pride,” Kumar said in a statement that he is looking forward to building more fun and exciting things ahead. “Some things are cooking. We will have to wait for it to take shape,” he said.

Earlier, in a communication to employees, Kumar said, “I haven’t known life outside Grofers for the last 8 years. Most of my learning and growing up has happened here. In my mistakes, I have never felt alone. And every time we made a dent, we shared success the same,” he wrote in an email.

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