Holi Taught Some Colourful Financial Lesson

Holi is one of the important and colourful festivals of Hindus. It is celebrated with market colour and kids are playing with balloons and colours, it is like that when people revisit the loved ones, apply colour with the intent of filling colours in their life, and exchange sweets which is a sign of auspicious transitioning into a fruitful new year. There are so many things to learn from our festivals and the people around us. Let’s have a look at the Investment Lessons that this wonderful Holi festival teaches us.

 A Platter Full of Different Colours – Diversification 

Many people like to play with the colour called Gulaal. Different colours add vivacity and life to the festival. Similarly, in the case of investments, the more you diversify your portfolio, the better results it will reap. Not only this, diversification reduces the risk factor significantly making the portfolio more stable. Diversification is an optimal approach towards safe investment which balances the overall outcome.

 Safety is the Thumb Rule- With Holi as Well as With Investments

Play safe Holi and be safe. Ensure that the safety of ourselves and our loved ones being vigilant and alert while playing Holi. Also, play with good quality colours or organic colours. The same goes for investments as well. If the market moves up, it’s a Happy Holi and if unfortunately moves down, then move ‘Hauli-Hauli’ (slow). Start investing through SIP which is a systematic investment plan which safeguards your finances by allowing you to contribute gradually rather than one whole amount at a time.

 Savour the Sweetness of Gujiya And Good Investments

In India, there is no festival is complete without sweets and flavours. Holi’s trademark sweet is Gijiya. The perfect combination of Gujiya and thandai with some Dahi-Bhalle goes viral like anything. Similarly, while it is the time of the financial year-end, it is the best time to reap the benefits of good investments made last year and make similar fruitful decisions for the upcoming one.

Burn Holika And Evil Investment

Holi celebration is known as the victory of good evil which significant to Holika Dahan. Scrutinize the whole stock and re-plan things. Discuss with people who are savvier with the market or take professional advice. Similarly, for our investments too, we should prevent mistakes that can hinder the growth of your wealth or pose as a hindrance on our wealth creation journey, such as insufficient knowledge, hasty redemption, reacting to rumours, sporadic investment, and timing the market etc. 

 Refresh Stagnant Relations And Investments

We know that some people in our life whom we can trust a lot but they let down. It is very easy to judge people for their doings but it takes a heart to forgive and move ahead. Holi is the time you revisit such people and give them a chance, maybe they have a better version of the story. Similarly, revisit all old investments, even the ones which caused the loss. A fund that once let you down doesn’t need to never take you up. Track the performance carefully and reinvest if it is performing well.

“BURA NA MANO, HOLI HAI”– A Little Risk Is Always Exciting

In this auspicious Holi some silly comments passing or pointing a water balloon, trespassing the lawns, wetting people, every deed has a single statement “BURA NA MANO, HOLI HAI!” In these merry times, try coming out of your safe zone of Fixed Deposits or Recurring deposits, or bank savings. a little risk will not hurt and who knows, it may prove to be a boon. Give yourself the flavour of mutual fund investment excitement and relish the tanginess.

This Holi, Sprinkle Some Colours into Everyone’s Life!

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