IBM Confirms Acquisition of Polar Security, Reportedly for $60 Million

IBM announced its acquisition of Polar Security, reports suggest that the deal was valued at $60 million.

IBM has officially announced its acquisition of Polar Security, a pioneering provider of automated cloud data security and compliance solutions. While the financial details were not disclosed by IBM, reports suggest that the deal was valued at approximately $60 million.

This marks IBM’s fifth acquisition in 2023, demonstrating the company’s commitment to strengthening its hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities under the leadership of CEO Arvind Krishna.

Polar Security, founded in January 2021, picked up funding from amounting to $8.5 million IBI, Gilot, and other individuals just over a year ago. It specialises in data security posture management (DSPM), an emerging segment in cybersecurity. The company’s DSPM technology enables organisations to identify the storage location of sensitive data, control access, monitor data usage, and identify vulnerabilities.

Polar Security’s agentless platform excels in automatically detecting unknown and sensitive data across various cloud environments, including structured and unstructured assets within cloud service providers, SaaS properties, and data lakes.

By integrating Polar Security’s DSPM technology into IBM’s Guardium family of data security products, IBM Security Guardium will offer a comprehensive data security platform covering all types of data and storage locations, including SaaS, on-premises, and public cloud infrastructure.

The acquisition of Polar Security reflects the growing complexity of data management in the cloud era. As cloud adoption surges, organisations face challenges in identifying data storage locations, tracking data usage, managing access rights, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Polar Security’s technology addresses these issues by enabling organisations to gain visibility into their data and proactively secure it.

IBM’s strategic acquisition of Polar Security aligns with its broader goal of empowering businesses to navigate the evolving landscape of data security and privacy. By integrating innovative solutions and technologies, IBM aims to provide comprehensive and robust data security offerings to its clients.

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