Indian SFV Market Monetisation, $8-12 Billion Opportunity by 2030: Redseer

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Indian short-form video (SFV) market monetisation could be an opportunity of $8–12 billion by 2030, according to Redseer Strategy Consultants.

Indian SFV witnessed constant growth in acceptance and engagement. Leading players came close to global players while having similar engagement levels. The report highlighted a rising population of smartphone users. SFV apps gained significant popularity in India — the gratified library for Indian SFVs lines with India’s needs – linguistically and culturally assorted.

Indian apps liken well with worldwide short-form apps and have a lead on content wisdom in 3 of the 5 top content types. There is a major difference in gifts around music, dance and dialogue, and acting satisfaction.

The report presented that the ideal language for content consumption in metro rail and tier 1 cities is Hindi, trailed by English and other local languages. At the same time, regional languages find spectators across India referenced in tier 2+ cities only.

Influencer marketing is fetching a gradually popular marketing plan for brands in India. The report expected influencer marketing spending to be worth $2.8-3.5 billion in 2028. The findings highlighted a need for a tech-enabled, transparent, and scalable solution for influencers and makes to occupy.

The report also observes that user-generated content (UGC) platforms are developing creator marketplaces that can serve as centralised networks for creators to connect with brands. This is good for both creators and brands, as it provides a platform to showcase their work and for brands to find the right creators to collaborate with.

Globally, Redseer said short video and e-commerce platforms increasingly focus on video commerce to improve customer engagement and boost sales.

In India, the report said video commerce has just started, with short-form video platforms anticipated to seize about 40% of the $8-11 billion video commerce market in 2030.

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