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Infosys Techies Accuse CEO, CFO of Unethical Practices

Infosys has accused its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Salil Parekh and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Nilanjan Roy found as unethical practices for many quarters.
“Parekh and Roy have been resorting to unethical practices for many quarters, as evident from their e-mails and voice recordings of their conversations,” said the complainants, who called themselves ‘ethical employees’ in a 2-page letter to the city-based IT behemoth’s board of directors on September 20, a copy of which has been accessed by IANS.
There was no response from the board to their letter an unnamed whistleblower on behalf of unethical employees on October 3 wrote to the US-based office of the Whistleblower Protection Programme, alleging willful misstatement material accounting irregularities for the last two quarters (April-September).
“The complaint will be dealt with by the company’s whistleblowers policy,” the IT major said in a statement to IANS. “In the last quarter (July-September), we were asked not to fully recognise costs like visa costs to improve profits. We have voice recordings of these conversations,” claimed the letter.
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