ISRO will Shift Operational Activities to NSIL to Focus on R&D, Says Chairman S Somnath

S Somanath - ISRO Chairman.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman S Somanath on Monday said its operational activities will be transferred to its marketing arm, NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), and focus on research and development in the field of advanced space technology in the coming years.

He said ISRO had focused more on delivering apps to governments and the public over the years. Create systems, build, launch and operate satellites, and provide communications, Earth observation and navigation services.

Speaking at the launch of the platinum jubilee celebrations of Raman Research Institute (RRI), Somanath said that, as directed by the government, all these operations will now be transferred to NSIL, which is also a central public sector enterprise under the US Department of Space (DoS). Here.

“ISRO will increasingly focus on developing advanced technologies in this field (space),” he said. “This will happen in the next few years.”

This means that “links” between ISRO and the country’s scientific organisations need to be expanded for larger space technology R&D activities, said Somanath, the DoS minister.

He reiterated that the ISRO changes, along with government-initiated space sector reforms, will truly change how NASA and the country’s science agencies collaborate on research and collaboration.

Professor Tarun Souradeep, Director of the RRI, said that the RRI, a premier institution founded by Nobel laureate Sir C V Raman in 1948, is now entering its 75th year of advancing cutting-edge research in physics with a contemporary research theme.

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