Jio-bp Launches Premium Diesel Claiming to Offer Higher Fuel Economy, ₹1 Cheaper than Regular Diesel

Jio-bp launched a new premium diesel to provide higher fuel economy claiming to save Rs 1.1 lakh.

Jio-bp, the fuel retailing joint venture of Reliance Industries Ltd and UK’s bp Plc, has launched a new premium diesel to provide higher fuel economy. The company claims that this high-performance diesel, enriched with ACTIVE technology, can offer savings of up to Rs 1.1 lakh per truck annually.

The diesel variant is available at all Jio-bp outlets at the same price as regular diesel, making it an attractive option for truckers. It promises improved fuel economy of up to 4.3%, which can lead to significant savings for commercial vehicle owners.

Modern trucks with sophisticated fuel injection systems are more susceptible to this issue due to reduced injector hole size. Standard diesel fuels can accumulate dirt over time, restricting the holes and leading to reduced pick-up, increased fuel consumption, and higher maintenance costs.

The ACTIVE technology works in two ways: it attaches to existing dirt and removes it from critical engine parts, allowing it to mix with the fuel and safely burn in the engine. Additionally, it attaches to clean metal surfaces, forming a protective layer that prevents dirt from binding to the metal.

Harish C Mehta, CEO of Jio-bp, emphasizes the importance of fuel performance and engine maintenance for truckers. He mentions that Jio-bp has worked with technologists over multiple years to develop a customised additive for Indian vehicles, roads, and driving conditions. This additive-laced high-performance diesel is specifically designed to address the concerns of truckers and offers them improved efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

To encourage customers to try the new diesel, Jio-bp is initially offering it at a price one rupee cheaper than traditional diesel. The company has tested the fuel with pilot customers for over three months, ensuring its effectiveness in Indian driving conditions.

The development of this premium diesel is backed by bp’s extensive research in fuel technology. The company’s team of scientists and engineers collaborate closely with leading vehicle manufacturers to understand the interactions between fuels and vehicle technology. Rigorous testing for the new diesel has been conducted by Millbrook UTAC, an accredited independent global automotive testing agency based in the UK.

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