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Lupin Subsidiary Acquires Two Brands from Sanofi 

Toumi has held leadership roles at Merck, Bayer, KBI Biopharma, Catalent, and Lonza.

Pharmaceutical major Lupin announced on Wednesday, June 5, that its European subsidiary has completed the acquisition of two brands from Sanofi. 

In its regulatory filing, the company said that its subsidiary, Lupin Atlantis Holdings SA, has completed the acquisition of Aarane in Germany, Nalcrom in Canada and the Netherlands, and its associated trademark rights from Sanofi. 

This acquisition aligns with the company’s strategy to expand its global presence in speciality areas, and will enhance the company’s respiratory business in Germany by aiding in the expansion of the newly established franchise with the introduction of Lufrobec. 

Fabrice Egros, President of Corporate Development of Lupin, said, “This acquisition will strengthen our global position in treating patients suffering from diverse respiratory diseases and conditions, and it adds accretive assets in gastro-intestinal care that broaden our portfolio of branded products.” 

Aarane (sodium cromoglicate/reproterol hydrochloride pressurised inhalation) is a chromone complex indicated in the symptomatic acute treatment of sudden asthma attacks.

Nalcrom (sodium cromoglicate oral) is used to treat food allergies after adequate testing for sensitivity to specific allergens in conjunction with restricting the main allergens.

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