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Meta Removes 15 Million Pieces of Content in Facebook and Instagram

Meta removed more than 11.6 million pieces of content for Facebook and over 3.2 million pieces of content for Instagram in January. Meta actioned 1.4 million content related to adult nudity and sexual activity, 233,600 articles of bullying and harassment and 1.8 million violent and graphic content, the company informed in a statement.

For Facebook from 1st Jan to 31st Jan, Meta got 911 reports via the Indian grievance mechanism, and 100 per cent of these reports were responded to. In the case of Facebook, the complaints were related to accounts being hacked, followed by fake profiles, bullying and harassment. For Instagram, the company got 1,037 reports, and it responded to 100 per cent of the complaints.

“Over the years, we have consistently invested in technology, people and processes to promote our aim of keeping our users safe and secure online and allow them to express themselves freely on our platform. We use a mixture of Artificial Intelligence, reports from our community and review by our teams to identify and review content against our policies,” the company added.

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