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Musk Lost $13 Billion on 4/20, Owed to Tesla’s Disappointing Result, Starship Explosion and Twitter Blue Tick Removal

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Elon Musk is anarchy incarnate, but not always cleverly and brilliantly. Elon Musk’s fortune plummeted in a volatile 24-hour period, including Tesla’s disappointing quarterly results, the explosion of the SpaceX Starship rocket, and Twitter’s removal of legacy blue checkmarks. He has had a turbulent 24 hours, and it’s safe to say that his 4/20 did not go well. 

Tesla Inc.’s first-quarter earnings disappointed investors, sending the electric-car maker’s stock down 9.75% to $162.99 on Thursday. When asked what amount of profitability Tesla was satisfied with, Musk said, “it’s difficult to say what the margin will be.” 

Tesla’s falling share price had the greatest direct impact on the billionaire’s net worth. As the world’s second wealthiest man battles to keep Twitter running, his fortune has lost $12.6 billion due to Tesla’s falling share price, his greatest drop this year, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. 

Many Twitter users have lost their legacy blue checkmarks for refusing to pay $8 per month for the privilege, as Musk warned weeks ago. The “legacy blue tick” purge is underway, with numerous celebrities who did not subscribe to Twitter Blue losing their blue ticks. 

Several well-known people, from politicians to actors, no longer have the blue tick next to their Twitter handles. Hillary Clinton, Rahul Gandhi, Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other celebrities have all had their blue ticks removed. Elon Musk, on the other hand, has stated that he is “personally paying” for three celebrities’ blue tick, including author Stephen King and American basketball player LeBron James. 

On the other hand, SpaceX Starship, the world’s most powerful rocket, successfully lifted off from the launch pad at Boca Chica, Texas, on Thursday, April 20, only to explode four minutes later in a blazing ball above the Gulf of Mexico. However, Elon Musk considers this a success. Concerning the SpaceX Starship disaster, Musk commended personnel and expressed optimism about the program’s progress. Many saw it as Musk’s converting failures into ‘successful failures.’

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