Nokia Partners with Netplus to Bring Broadband Services in India

Nokia partners with Netplus to launch broadband services in India.

On Monday, Nokia announced a partnership with Internet Service Provider (ISP) Netplus Broadband to deliver future-proof world-class broadband services in India.

Netplus will deploy the Nokia Multi-Access Gateway Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) application for access management on the FP5-based 7750 Services Router (SR) and 7250 Interconnect Router (IXR).

“Our multi-access gateway BNG, hosted on our 7750 SR platform and 7250 IXR, provides a scalable high-capacity infrastructure, enabling ISPs like Netplus to lay the foundation for the rapid growth of broadband access in India,” Vach Kompella, vice president of Nokia IP Networks Division, said in a statement.

Based on Nokia’s industry-leading FP5 chip, the 7750 SR delivers world-class broadband services, including highly scalable subscriber management, granular bandwidth management, per-subscriber policy control, deterministic performance and 75% lower power consumption, the company said.

The company will also use Nokia’s 7750 SR Extended Services Appliance (ESA) to extend support for Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT), which will help it meet the challenges of the growing number of connected devices.

Arshdeep Singh Mundi, executive director of Netplus, said: “The expanded coverage will leverage Nokia’s state-of-the-art broadband access infrastructure and help Netplus meet the growing demands of customers and help drive the vision of Digital India.”

Netplus operates in more than 400 towns and cities across several states in northern India, the largest of which is Punjab.

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