North Korea Rolls Back Lockdown in ‘Stabilized Areas,’ Says Virus Flareup ‘Controlled’

North Korea has removed the lockdown to prevent viruses. Measures have been in place for more than two weeks in its capital after the policies said by the leader Kim Jong Un who has controlled the Covid outbreak, media reported.

On Monday, Kim’s regime partially lifted the lockdown in Pyongyang and eased curbs in “stabilised areas,” Yonhap News Agency of South Korea reported diplomatic sources. The residents in Pyongyang were allowed to leave their homes for the first time since May 12, and businesses were slowly opening.

In North Korea, outside workers cannot work to help with the pandemic or verify any of its numbers for the public health crisis that could have overwhelmed its antiquated medical system and posed a threat to Kim’s regime. It and Eritrea are the only two countries that have not administered vaccines, putting their people at increased risk.

Kim rolled back lockdown measures hours after leading a Politburo meeting Sunday. The state’s official data said that the pandemic situation is being controlled and improved across the country. Another report says daily cases have fallen by about 75 per cent from a peak of 392,920 two weeks ago.

Residents are still required to undergo temperature checks, use hand sanitizer and follow the instructions of pandemic response workers.

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