Odisha Collects Rs 4080 Cr GST in Dec 2021

Odisha has touched a collection of Rs 4080.14 Crores of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Dec 2021 against Rs 2860.20 Crores in Dec 2020 and registered a growth rate of 43 per cent. According to the Commissionerate of Commercial Tax and Goods and Services Tax, Odisha, “The growth of GST collection during Dec 2021 is also the highest amongst several states for the 4th consecutive month. This is also the second-highest GST collection by the state since the launching of GST.”

The OGST collection in Dec 2021 is Rs 1,118.65 Crores against Rs 765.26 Crores during Dec 2020, which is 46.18 per cent growth. There is also a collection of Rs 973.79 Crores in CGST, Rs 1,267.63 Crores in IGST and 720.07 Crores in Cess in the same month. Gross GST Collection during the third quarter of 2021-22 is Rs 11,809.26 Crores which is a growth of 51.08 per cent against the corresponding quarter collection of 2020-21. The total supply of Value Added Tax (VAT) is Rs 759.72 Crores in Dec 2021 against Rs 691.47 Crores in Dec 2020, with an increase of 9.87 per cent. Similarly, liquor collection is Rs 170.67 Crores in Dec 2021 against Rs 132.61 Crores during Dec 2020 with a growth rate of 28.70 per cent.

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