‘Ola Corporate’ to Enterprise Solution in Western Countries

The popular India based company Ola revealed on Tuesday that it has extended its enterprise offering ‘Ola Corporate’ to Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.
Based on a statement, Ola corporate, with over 10,000 corporate users in India, provides enterprise customers reduced travel expenses and centralized billing system that eliminates the need for paper-based reimbursement.
Ola aims to widen the scale of its global offerings in providing business travellers with a cost-effective and flexible solution; by introducing its service in international markets.
Ola further mentioned that “As companies prepare to physically return to the workplace, ‘Ola Corporate’ will deliver a reliable mobility experience, reinforced by its safety and customer support features.”
An Ola spokesperson discussed how the corporate dashboard allows improved efficiency and productivity in businesses, eliminating the hassle of scheduling pickups and cumbersome billing and payment processes.
“Millions of executives across over 10,000 businesses avail the benefits of Ola Corporate in India every day. With enhanced safety protocols and custom-designed solutions, we are excited to extend ‘Ola Corporate’ to our international markets as well,” the spokesperson added.
Ola was initially founded in Mumbai. The now Bengaluru-based company currently operates in more than 250 cities across India, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

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