Putin’s Ambitions Backfired, Putting Ukraine on Fast Track to EU Membership, Stronger NATO Ties

One year of the Russia-Ukraine War.

As Ukraine marks the first anniversary of the end of the Russian invasion, the country is bracing for a possible new attack from Moscow. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the nation, saying 2023 would be their year of victory. However, the situation remains tense, and further violence is likely.

The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling for Moscow to withdraw its troops from Ukraine, while China called for a political solution to end the war. The international community is paying close attention to the development of the situation, and many countries have expressed their support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Tens of thousands of civilians and countless military personnel have died since the invasion began. The conflict has caused widespread devastation and devastation across Ukraine. Still, Russian President Vladimir Putin has not achieved his goal.

Putin’s military campaign faces a series of setbacks. For example, a handful of Ukrainian resistance fighters destroyed several important bridges, blocking the significant advance from Belarus to Kyiv. Despite a military convoy spanning 35 miles, the Russian troops could not move forward, stranded for a month before eventually retreating with heavy losses.

In September, Russia was kicked out of Kharkiv. It then suffered a major military defeat, with its forces surrounded on three sides by Ukrainian troops, with the river their only escape route. Overnight they had to retreat to the other side of the river, where they remained entrenched.

These are major setbacks for a country and military once considered mighty.

Politically, the Russian invasion backfired. Putin aims to keep Ukraine out of NATO and the EU. However, Ukraine is now rapidly on its way to joining the European Union, and its ties with NATO have grown stronger. Putin’s misguided ambitions have had tragic consequences for Ukraine and Russia.

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