Reliance Announces Superfast Wireless Broadband Service JioAirFiber

RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani announced on Monday that Jio Infocomm, will launch Jio True 5G.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani announced on Monday that the company’s telecommunications arm, Jio Infocomm, will launch Jio True 5G – a standalone network that the company says will accelerate India’s digital transformation.

A key component of this is the ultra-fast fixed broadband service, which the company has named “JioAirFiber”.
“Using JioAirFiber, it will be very easy to connect your home or office to gigabit speed internet quickly,” said Jio Infocomm Chairman Akash M Ambani during RIL AGM.

The company calls JioAirFiber a “wireless, simple, single-device solution.” “Get it, plug it in, turn it on, and that’s it. You now have a personal Wi-Fi hotspot at home, connected to superfast internet using True 5G,” Akash said Monday.
The aesthetic advantage of the JioAirFiber is the complete absence of wires that would otherwise be “dazzling”.

Akash said JioAirFiber would enable hundreds of millions of homes and offices to connect to ultra-fast broadband “in a very short period”. He said this would propel India into the top 10 countries, even for fixed broadband.

JioAirFiber allows ultra-low latency, which will be beneficial for online gaming, video streaming, and even on the go; JioAirFiber also allows multiple video streams of ultra-HD sports games, showing multiple camera angles simultaneously.

With JioAirFiber, customers “have the option to use a virtual PC hosted in the cloud,” Jio said.

A virtual PC is essentially an extremely powerful computer installed on a server. Each computer will be able to support multiple simultaneous connections and, if the user’s internet speed is high enough, will provide a seamless experience that emulates the local PC experience. In other words, no matter what device the user uses, he/she can experience this virtual PC’s full capabilities without delay – something that 4G cannot do.

This would be similar to the GEForce Now service offered by graphics card maker NVIDIA, which allows users to connect to a super-powerful gaming PC via the cloud and play the games of their choice for a monthly fee regardless of the configuration of their computer. As of now, this feature is not available for Indian users.

Dubbed Jio Cloud PC, the service does not require a large up-front investment and no upgrades. Kiran Thomas, President of Reliance Industries Limited, said: “You only pay for the part that uses a cloud PC, bringing the power of a PC or multiple PCs to every Indian home and business in a super affordable way.”

“The two-way interaction enabled by JioAirFiber will create unique and highly engaging experiences for the entire home, such as interactive live content, cloud gaming, immersive shopping, and more, with a focus on continuously enhancing customer experience and privacy,” Akash added.

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