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Online SBI

SBI Corporate Net Banking

Corporate Internet Banking (CINB) of State Bank of India is the channel that facilitates Corporate Customers like any non-individual customer such as firms, companies, trusts, partnerships, proprietorship concerns, etc. to carry out banking activities online anywhere and anytime, aided with the power and convenience of the internet.

1. Who can avail CINB?

 For Corporate Internet Banking, any non-individual customer, whether it is a single man enterprise, small business enterprise, firm, trust, institution, Government organization, or large conglomerate is treated as a Corporate. Any Corporate maintaining account with any branch of State Bank of India can avail CINB.

2. How to access the CINB site?

 Visit the online banking site of SBI at and Choose the ‘Corporate Banking’ option.

3. Whether all branches of SBI can provide a CINB facility?

 Yes, the CINB facility will be made available by all branches of SBI across the country.

4. Can CINB be made available to individual customers?

 No, Corporate Internet Banking as the name itself indicates is meant exclusively for Corporate customers. For individual customers Retail Internet Banking facility is available.

SBI Corporate Account Types 

SBI Khata

It enables users to access their accounts round-the-clock. It has great advantages over other types of SBI Net Banking Corporate accounts. Here are the benefits of opening this account – 

● Rights related to account inquiry 

● View account details and download account statement 

● Best for individual users 

SBI Khata Plus 

If you own a larger institution or firm with accounts in several SBI branches, you can open Khata Plus. With this product, several users in your organization can make inquiries. Here are the benefits of Khata Plus –

● Access and download statement of several accounts in the SBI branch 

● Authorize users with the rights to get account information 

● Rights related to account inquiry

SBI Saral 

SBI Saral Corporate account is best suited for sole proprietors, individual businessmen, and MSMEs who need online transaction rights to their accounts. It is a single-user operational product that enables single users to transfer funds to self and third-party accounts. Here are the key features – 

● User-friendly and operated by a single user

● Account rights 

● View and download account statement

● Transactions can be scheduled for later 

● Set separate tax payment limits and DD requests

● Set limits on recipient level 

● OTP while doing fund transfers, adding beneficiaries, and conducting merchant transactions 

SBI Vistaar

This is best suited for large-scale corporate businesses, institutions, and government organizations. It provides complete freedom from relying on branches. It is a multi-user account with optional transaction rights and provides access to accounts operated in multiple branches. There is also no limit on the number of daily transactions. Here are the benefits of SBI Vistaar – 

● Enables companies to operate in any location without geographical restrictions 

● Freedom to take financial decisions urgently in any situation

● Flexibility to do business in your framework 

SBI Vyapaar

This multi-user account is offered to SMBs and companies having accounts with one SBI branch and looking forward to providing transactional access rights to the users. The max transaction limit with this account is Rs. 50 Lakh per transaction. Here are the benefits of SBI Vyaapar-

● Benefits of doing transactions all over the web and make online payments 

● Best suited for businesses with multiple users 

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