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Siemens Outlook for the Week (August 21, 2023 – August 25, 2023)

Siemens closed the previous week on a negative note losing 2.97%.

Technically, Siemens share price will see immediate support at 3,556.15 and immediate resistance would be seen at 3,665.40.

If Siemens share price closes below immediate support of 3,556.15, then sharp breakdown can be seen. Siemens share price will see major support at 3,506.20 for the week.

On the positive side, immediate resistance will be seen at 3,665.40. Closing above 3,665.40, Siemens share price will see a sharp breakout. Major resistance for Siemens share price will be seen at 3,724.70 for the week.

Trading range for Siemens share price for this week should be between 3,446.90 on down side and 3,774.65 on up side.

Siemens Previous Week High: 3674.75

Siemens Previous Week Low: 3565.5

Siemens Previous Week Range: 109.25 Points

Siemens share price support and resistance for the week (August 21, 2023 – August 25, 2023)

Level Type Value
Resistance 3 3,774.65
Resistance 2 3,724.70
Resistance 1 3,665.40
Support 1 3,556.15
Support 2 3,506.20
Support 3 3,446.90

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