Tata Motors Sets Up New Subsidiary for CVs

The new entity will provide end-to-end services of operating, repair, and maintenance including annual maintenance contracts (AMC) and Fleet Management Services (FMS) for the automotive industry including electric mobility/electric vehicles, electric buses, fuel cell buses, and all types of commercial vehicles.
The CV market leader in India, Tata Motors Ltd sold a total of 240,406 units in a Covid- and lockdown-impacted FY2020, which was a sales decline of 21 per cent year on year.

Tata Motors has announced the following extension of its after-sales and value-added services, to ensure smooth transportation of goods and essential products:

  1. One-month extension for free services previously scheduled owing to the restrictions in many states across India;
  2. One-month extension of the warranty period for all commercial vehicle customers;
  3. Extension of Tata Suraksha AMC for all those with an expiry during restrictions announced across states in India;
  4. One-month validity extension of all active contracts under Tata Motors Suraksha;
  5. One-month extension for customers to avail the AMC services;

Tata Motors helpline, Tata Support – 1800 209 7979, has continuously been active for the customers, to provide any after-sales assistance they may need for their commercial vehicles.

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