Telegram Tips- Are They Legal In India?

Introduction To Telegram 

In the world of social media and technology, it is observed that mankind is more attached to mobile applications than to natural happenings. The reason behind this is technological advancement in the applications made for them. According toarecent research, 58.4% of the world’s population uses social media. However, when we look into platform penetration rates from people in eligible audiences, 93.33% of 4.8 billion global internet users and 85% of 5.27 billion mobile phone users are on social media. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., were in use already, but in 2013, a new application came into existence called Telegram. Telegram’s penetration averages around 25% in the selected countries like Brazil, India, and Spain, with Spain winning at 26%. However, India takes the lead in terms of downloads with 44.9 million. 

As the coin has two sides, every good thing has a bad face. Though Telegram benefits students and youths, it is also a bad source for scammers and thieves in Insider Trading and providing illegal tips on the stock market and other private organisations, a crime considered in India. Many cases related to Insider Trading are registered under SEBI, and strict actions are taken against them. But it is necessary to make people aware of their safety and protection against cybercrimes and misuse of their mobile numbers and phone call recordings. 

Let us know about telegram tips and their impact on Telegram users, the stock market, and investors. Along with this, we will also learn about the correct and trustful channels on Telegram one must follow for stock market information and guidance. 

Popular Telegram Scams Occurring

Employment Scams

The scammer asks you to download the image or message and review it to hire you. Then, they interview you with some common questions asked to candidates. Once you answer their questions, including your private information related to bank accounts, location, etc., you are tracked by their crime team. The most important thing one must not do is sign in any document without thorough research. 

Giveaway Scams

This is the most common scam on every social media. These promotional videos or images are sent to users to participate in the giveaway competitions. And through this, they try to trace the mobile number and bank account linked with it so that they can take all your money kept in it. They usually give some presents to users to attract through their website and try to hack their accounts. Therefore, one must beware of such frauds and not participate in such Giveaways.

More scams that have been found till now are as follows.

  • Load-up Scams.
  • Coin listing and ICO Scams.
  • Tech support Scams.
  • ‘Crypto Expert’ Scams.
  • Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Giveaways.
  • ‘Friend in need Scams.

What Are Telegram Tips Illegally Offered For Stock Market?

So, if we look at the positive aspect, it provides information about market conditions and fluctuations. But on the contrary, it is used for negative purposes also. Providing the company’s data is not legal. It is a crime, and SEBI is the body for taking action against it. The market regulator had traced the whip on such illegal activities. Any entity or firm not registered under SEBI is not allowed to give stock market or mutual funds advice, including recommendations by the law. Besides, if the expert is registered under SEBI, he should be bound to give appropriate information about the share price through his channel.

Bull Run 2017 Scam On Telegram 

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) had been cracking down against this channel on Telegram and has alleged that six people are responsible for running this channel named ‘Bull Run’. They had conducted an operation searching for this group in Mehsana and Ahmedabad in Gujarat. After a thorough investigation, it was found that this group did not have the SEBI registration for advising of telegram tips. Eventually, they earned an illegal profit of 2.84 crores in 10 months. SEBI had issued a 37-page order against this channel and the six people involved. These companies used to buy shares of small-cap companies in large quantities and render wrong information to people for their investment in those shares. They traded stocks including Total Transport Systems, MetroGlobal Ltd, and Alkali Metals Ltd. Their planned objective succeeded. After the rise of those shares in the market, they used to sell them and earned illegal profit. 

SEBI had taken action against these people for violating the market rules. The stock market discontinued the people running this channel, and the entire amount earned will be recovered from those people. As per SEBI, these six people will neither buy nor sell directly or indirectly in the market till further orders. After this incident, SEBI has become stricter toward companies and social media platforms.

SEBI Registered Telegram Channels

  • Bull’s Thrive.
  • StockPro ® Official (SEBI Registered).
  • Minish Patel- SEBI Registered.
  • Equitypandit_official (SEBI Registered)
  • Equity99.
  • Eqwires Research Analyst (SEBI Registered).
  • Trade on Data Institute.
  • KingResearch Harry – SEBI Registered.
  • (SEBI Registered Research Analyst’s Site).
  • CA Jagadeesh- SEBI Registered Research Analyst.
  • Equity Calls Hit SEBI Registered ® (SOM).

So, it is better to have proper consultancy from registered stock market experts before following any random investors or groups of traders. One must not follow any guidance from non-registered entities in matters of investment. The points to be remembered by an individual should be checking SEBI’s registration of the expert, Attending Investor Education Programmes, getting help from Industry Experts, Lodge Immediate Complaint, and following genuine advisors. 

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