ThinkCyber, Deepview Collaborate for Futuristic Cybersecurity Training in India

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ThinkCyber, a Tel Aviv-based company providing cutting-edge cybersecurity education and product solutions, has formed a joint venture with India-based Deepview Consultancy to train a new generation of cybersecurity experts. The collaboration is expected to bring new perspectives to cybersecurity and increase its awareness and importance.

ThinkCyber will invest $10 million over three years and will be trained through its proprietary tools and training programs such as Cyberium high-end simulation Device and Specto Technology Enterprise for Indian students. These unique products will identify threats in real-time, preparing students for the most innovative cyber threats.

Headquartered in NCR, ThinkCyber India offers courses and products that will greatly benefit India’s cybersecurity environment, which has recently seen a dramatic increase in cyberattacks. With cyberattacks proliferating, India cannot risk its security framework with outdated traditional training. Well-equipped cybersecurity training is required to meet current demands. In its first year of operation, ThinkCyber aims to partner with 100 universities to train more than 4,000 cyber experts ready to decipher every move a hacker makes.

Atul Mehrotra, Director of Deepview Consultancy, commented: “We are very excited about this collaboration and look forward to one of the best cybersecurity training India has ever had. Cyberattacks are a serious problem, and India is not far behind. Time Introducing the competitive and state-of-the-art cybersecurity training tool ThinkCyber’s tools can collect massive amounts of data to develop defence strategies that are best suited for a variety of different pieces of training, allowing students to start from scratch and quickly reach an advanced cybersecurity professional level.”

ThinkCyber Head of Partnerships David Shiffman echoed a similar sentiment: “Now is the perfect time to introduce a solid, leading training program like ours. The diversity of cyberattacks is increasing, and we need to train professionals and students. It will help them use the right technology and techniques to prevent attacks. This is what ThinkCyber plans to do in India.

Students and budding cyber experts can sign up for Cyberium’s six different levels of training, each with a different program. They have access to a modular system where they can learn digital forensics, penetration testing, SOC analysis procedures, and reverse engineering exploit development.

At the third tier, their expertise will be handy in managing threats emerging in the current cybersecurity landscape. Student enrolment will begin at the end of June, and classes will start on July 15, 2022.

ThinkCyber is a cybersecurity training company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, with a team of cybersecurity experts in information and operational technology. The team’s expertise lies in conducting in-depth research on cyber security and evolving cyber threats. It uses modern tools and techniques for effective training to ensure cybersecurity.

ThinkCyber is dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge of new cyber-attack methods and nurturing a new generation of cybersecurity professionals. ThinkCyber’s brand new technology is already making waves in networks worldwide.

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