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Trade of Illicit Consumer Goods Stood at Rs 2,60,094 Crore in FY20

This means that the rates have remained unchanged from the first quarter of FY 2024-25.

In 2019-20, the sale of illicit consumer goods such as fast-moving consumer products, mobile phones, packaged foods, tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages stood at Rs 2,60,094 crore. The FMCG industry, which includes packaged foods and household and personal care goods, accounted for three-fourths of the total value of illicit goods sold in the five key industries Counterfeiting Activities Destroying the Economy (CASCADE) and FICCI’s Committee Against Smuggling, media reported. 

Meanwhile, the FMCG industry packaged foods industry held the highest share of illicit trade at Rs 1,42,284 crore, this was followed by the alcoholic beverage at Rs 23,466 crore, the household and personal goods industry at Rs 55,530 crore, the mobile phone industry at Rs 15,884 crore and tobacco products at Rs 22,930 crore.

In the illicit market, the top industry was FMCG household and personal goods at 34.25 per cent, followed by packaged foods industry at 25.09 per cent, the tobacco products industry at 20.04 per cent, the alcoholic beverage industry at 19.87 per cent, and the mobile phone industry at 7.56 per cent.

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