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upGrad Acquires Edtech Startup KnowledgeHut

upGrad acquires KnowledgeHut to enter the short-duration upskilling and reskilling market that has a value of more than $58 billion. Founded by Subramanyam Reddy in 2011, KnowledgeHut is an edtech company that provides the global workforce with the skills of the future by outcome-based immersive learning.

“To grab this opportunity, KnowledgeHut now might rebrand as ‘KnowledgeHut, an upGrad company’ to offer learners a flexible and immersive learning model, to upskill and help them get meaningful career outcomes, through its next-gen flagship learning experience platform, PRISM,” according to a statement released today.

KnowledgeHut will work as a subsidiary of upGrad, which will get access to a 250,000 user base. KnowledgeHut has over 200 courses in web development, AI-ML and data science, Agile and Project Management, and IT services management, cybersecurity and cloud computing. “With KnowledgeHut on board, our focus is to be united LifeLongLearning partner for powering career success for the global one billion workforces just got stronger,” upGrad’s chairman and co-founder Ronnie Screwvala said. “KnowledgeHut’s presence in over 70 countries will further upGrad’s ambition of liberalising quality online education around the world,” he added.

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