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Welspun Enterprises Grants 4 Lakh Stock Options Under ESOP

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Yesterday, Welspun Enterprises granted 4,00,000 stock options under the ESOP scheme. On August 4, Welspun Corp granted 11 lakh stock options under ‘Welspun Employee Stock Option Plan 2005’ to Vipul Mathur, Managing Director and CEO, representing an equal number of equity shares of the face value of Rs 5 each in the Company, at an exercise price of Rs 100.

On August 18, Welspun Corp allotted 5,65,000 equity shares under ESOP on August 18 2022. Post this allotment, the paid-up equity share capital of the Company stand increased from Rs 130,47,46,975 divided in to 26,09,49,395 equity shares of Rs 5 each to Rs 130,75,71,975 divided in to 26,15,14,395 equity shares of Rs 5 each.

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