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WNS Acquires Two European Companies for $156 Million

Business process management company WNS on Friday announced two acquisitions for which it will spend a total of $156 million (about Rs 1,290 crore).

On Friday, business process management company WNS announced two acquisitions that will bring a cumulative payout of more than $156 million (roughly Rs 1,290 crore).

According to a statement, the two companies are Smart Cube (TSC), which conducts platform-driven research and analysis, and Optibuy, which provides procurement platform consulting and implementation solutions to complement WNS’ existing offerings.

It added that the British firm TSC was acquired for $125 million, while Optibuy’s total consideration was €30 million (more than $31 million).

NYSE-listed WNS, which employs most of its staff in India, said it had paid for the acquisition upfront with cash and £83 million of long-term debt.

The statement said that the TSC acquisition is expected to add approximately $9 million to WNS’ net income in fiscal 2023, with Optibuy contributing $2 million. “Both companies have unique digital-led/human intelligence capabilities that complement WNS’ existing procurement and analytics offerings and complement each other,” said WNS CEO Keshav Murugesh.

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