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World Boxing Council Declares Formation of India Committee

The World Boxing Council (WBC) has declared its India committee in partnership with the Indian Boxing Council. The committee will offer a “way for domestic championship success for upcoming professional boxers during the region and will provide Indian fighters more global opportunities, using our platform for development, progression, and inclusion”.

“I am very proud to have witnessed new opportunities for boxing in India. The WBC has already seen many Indian boxers awarded with WBC and WBC affiliated championships over the past years,” WCB President Mauricio said in a statement.

Commenting on the news, IBC President Brigadier PK Muralidharan Raja said, “Indian boxers have worked very hard and began to make a name in the professional boxing line in recent years. The WBC India Championships will be a crucial step in the right direction. The inaugural WBC India championship is scheduled for the upcoming LZ Boxing promotion.

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